An Alert is automatically relayed on different platforms, on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), on mobile applications, as well as by sending geolocated messages to professional partners.

It is then possible to promote an Alert by various means:

  • showcasing 
  • communication campaign

PetAlert is based on a geolocation system. This system is particularly effective when starting a communication campaign. In fact, the information is spread in the Alert area to all connected users - whether or not they are part of specific pages or not. The number of people likely to see this communication can easily exceed 10,000 in 24 hours.

In parallel, it is possible to transmit SMS to the watchers - our guardian angels on the ground.

Example of an Alert with the Facebook BOOST:



  • 3-day boost
  • more than 30'000 views on Facebook and 15'000 clicks on the PetAlert website
  • more than 900 reactions and 1000 shares and nearly 300 comments

Beyond these figures, the most important aspect is that the people who knew about this Alert are 95% located in the research zone! (radius of 20 km).

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