Whether in the case of a disappearance or a discovery, the creation of an Alert through PetAlert triggers a series of actions:

  1. Publication on the Internet. The notice of search appears on our regional and national platforms as well as on general platforms. Therefore, each review has its own page and receives maximum visibility. The information is automatically indexed in the main search engines. It remains visible as long as the search lasts.
  2. Broadcasting on social networks. The search notice is automatically transmitted to several social networks: Facebook (regional page & national page), Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  3. Transmissions to partners. Many professionals or associations (veterinarians, shelters, police, associations, ...) registered to our services, receive a daily notice of research in their area.
  4. Communication to our Watchers network. Our volunteers are informed of all the broadcasts in their area. They communicate the information to their network and to their acquaintances. They are attentive to animals on their own, during their travels or walks.
  5. Printing promotional material. Our system allows to print posters or flyers to broadcast them in the neighborhood (mailboxes, small businesses, display areas, ...). All information related to the disappearance is automatically printed.

All of these measures increase the chances of quickly finding a missing animal or handing over a found pet to its owner.


  • AUTONOMY: you create your own Alert by bringing all the desired information and adding up to 4 photos. You have control over your publication.
  • REACTIVE: your Alert is quickly broadcast
  • QUALITY: the content of your Alert is checked before its publication (text, image)
  • SUPPORT: if you have a question, our team is available to help you
  • EFFECTIVENESS: since its launch, the PetAlert system has been demonstrating significant results every day
  • TRUST: all our operations are transparent, you have a secure interface to edit and track your Alerts

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