PetAlert is a professional solution.

Several people are engaged in its daily management and its improvements:

  • 2 developers: they realize and improve the interfaces
  • 1 graphic designer: he formats tools, visual aids and videos
  • 1 editorial manager: he is in charge of the validation of the posted contents (correction and improvement of the texts, optimization of the images)
  • 1 social manager: he manages the activity on social networks and responds to users’ requests
  • editors and translators: they take care of the content of the platform (in 8 languages)
  • 1 project manager: he imagines and designs future services

In parallel to this, a significant IT infrastructure is set up to guarantee the best service:

  • test servers
  • production servers, databases
  • a video server
  • a backup infrastructure

Finally, administrative costs must also be taken into account (insurance, taxes, subscriptions, ...)

PetAlert is constantly evolving based on user suggestions, new technical constraints and active monitoring.

All of these items come at a cost and are partly funded with the contribution related to Disappearance Alerts and the sale of the Trakoo Smart Medals. Ultimately, the integration of advertising space and the establishment of partnerships will balance the operating budget.

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